Wall Design

TM Engineering Inc. (TME) has provided design services for MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) structures and segmental retaining walls for hundreds of projects in North Carolina.

Our professional staff prides themselves on generating plans that are construction friendly and submitting them in a timely manner. We have produced plans utilizing numerous types of block and geogrid reinforcement. While our design methodology is generally based on NCMA guidelines and industry standard safety factors we also place an emphasis on retaining a level of creativity that allows for innovative solutions to site development, which we have observed to be increasingly important in today’s marketplace.    A vital component in the design and success of any segmental retaining wall project is the type and quality of the soil backfill material.  As a full service Geotechnical Engineering firm, TME is familiar with all the regional backfill soil materials and incorporates that knowledge into our wall designs.

Our familiarity with the various retaining wall material options and regional soil backfill types in connection with our experience and our proficient design and plan production ability allows for our services to be provided at an economical advantage to clients.

For many projects, the wall design is solicited in later stages of site development.  Engaging TM Engineering Inc. services earlier in the planning or construction sequence allows for several items that impact site design to be properly addressed such as retaining wall batter influences,  grid length restrictions, utility conflicts, and site grading challenges.  TME’s early involvement is also conducive to maintaining project schedule and budget by helping to get permitting matters resolved in a timely manner and  allowing better opportunities to get quality bids based on a single set of plans and material quantities.

TM Engineering Inc. services for retaining walls include:
  • Design and Plan Production
  • Preliminary Quantity Estimation
  • Special Inspection
  • Quality Control &Materials
  • Testing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Turn-Key Project Management